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  1. Membership lists
  2. Ratings changes
  3. RSS feed referenced from main page


  1. Check on the flag for Communist China vs Taiwan
  2. Check on the flag for DPRK vs South Korea
  3. Write an import routine for the TDList data
  4. Write an import routine for Tournament results data
  5. Verify a sampling of the data


The following images must be change to AGAGD from EGD


  1. Credit the EGD and EGF for providing the code base and database schemata
  2. Change all references to the EGD to AGAGD
  3. Change all links to the EGD to the AGAGD
  4. Change all links to the EGF to the AGA


  1. Verify every link on the site


  • barlinealphaex1.php: problems if the game dates of two tournaments overlap ?
  • filledgridex1.php: change X axis to Julian days so that the scale is time, not tournaments, and so reflects the varying number of days between tournaments.


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