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During Congress

  • Find out citizenship status of top US Open finishers for point awards. Need top eight citizen amateurs
  • Get tournament grids for US Open and Ing Cup
  • Record names and contact information of Pair Go reps
  • Strong player meeting
  • Get pictures of Ing-sponsored events: Ing Cup, Redmond Cup

Immediately after Congress

  • Update WAGC point holder chart
  • Update web pages for Ing Cup and Redmond Cup
  • Thank you note(s) to the US Open directors

Beginning of September

  • Issue letter of confirmation to KPMC rep
  • Issue letter of confirmation to WAGC rep
  • Fujitsu Cup invitations: Pros and seeded players receive written letters of invitation. Others receive email invitations and written letters of confirmation. Determine eligible pros and amateurs (be sure to check seed player eligibility!) and issue appropriate invitations. Place an appropriate response deadline (probably late September). Update web page
  • Find a TD for Fujitsu Cup
  • Issue invitation to CGA for Fujitsu Cup

Late September/Early October

  • Written letters of invitation should have expired, issue next round of invitations. Place another appropriate response deadline
  • Find TD for Student Oza event
  • Issue tournament announcement and registration procedure for Student Oza--web page + E-Journal + invitations to CGA/MGA
  • USYGC organization should begin--finalize rules and find qualifier locations. This should be done by USYGC Coordinator, TD Coordinator involvement should be minor.
  • Inform E-Journal of Student Oza date

Late October

  • Issue hopefully final round of Fujitsu invitations
  • Run Student Oza, issue email confirmation to AGA President and written letter to tournament winner, update web page
  • Inform E-Journal of Fujitsu Cup date

Early November

  • Run Fujitsu Cup, issue email confirmation to AGA President and written letter to tournament winner, update web page
  • Announce bids open for Ing Masters qualifier locations--SF usually holds an Ing tournament on the first weekend of January, so get the official announcement out before Christmas.

Early December

  • USYGC qualifier locations are probably settled. Update web page. If they aren't settled, see what's going on.

Early January

  • Redmond Cup, USYGC qualifiers and Ing Team Championship all starting. Should be supervised by the Youth Coordinator, but keep an eye on them. Redmond Cup web page will probably need updating


  • Youth friendship match


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