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Instructions for doing an AGA ratings update.

i) For the time being we have to copy membership information from the AGAGD to the ratings database.


This is very inefficient because it copies over all membership records, even those that haven't changed. It was never worth writing a replacement, though, since the ratings database will likely be removed once the membership database goes live.

ii) Run the check program.


This will examine the membership database and find the oldest game that needs to be rated (or rerated). All tournaments from the date forward are rated. The check program examines each game that is to be rated and calculates the probability of the given game result happening. It flags any game for which the result should happen less than 1% of the time. Sample output:

sanm20100612	2010-Jun-12	Santa Monica Coffee Cup, Los Angeles, CA 90066
	White: Kevin Zheng (18037), Rating = -21.5
	Black: Jerry Lu (15893), Rating = -15.5
	H/K: 4/0
	Result: White wins
	Prob: 1.96655e-16

Output indicates the tournament code, date and name in the first line, then one or more game records. The player's names, ID numbers and entry ratings are given, along with handicap, komi, game result and the probability of that game result happening under the assumption that the ratings are correct. Given the handicap and player ranks, it is likely that the TD flipped the player colours in the tournament report. An email to the TD is appropriate. In this case, the TD confirmed that the game report was in error.

iii) Run a test ratings run.


This performs a standard ratings calculation, but doesn't commit any changes to the database. This gives you a chance to make sure the program doesn't crash and examine the output results.

iv) Run a real ratings run

./bayrate --commit
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