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To Do

  • Create a page so that tournament directors can submit tournaments via HTTP and get immediate provisional ratings.
  • Redo ratings graphs to show a one sigma shaded area on either side of the rating value.
  • Create table of win/loss probability based upon rating difference. Compare game results as reported to predicted probabilities.
  • Stats_Country.php and/or templates/Stats_Country_2.tpl is messed up in both production and test....more so in much more so that that production references test!
  • Fix all Game_Dates and Tournament_Date revealed by select DISTINCT (g.Tournament_Code), g.Game_Date, t.Tournament_Date from games g, tournaments t where g.Tournament_Code = t.Tournament_Code and DAY(Game_Date) = 0 GROUP BY Tournament_Code ORDER BY count(g.Game_Date) DESC ; Tournaments without dates in the files: chic209, aust108, char302a, chic306, chic205.
  • Eliminate Tot_Tournaments, Tot_Games and Last_Appearance from players table. Find these on the fly from the games table.
  • Eliminate Rating and Sigma from players table. Use the most recent values from ratings instead.
  • Why does Pin_Player 3033 show Last_Appearance of davi20090927 in place of davi20091219...this messes with Find_Path.php
  • Why does Find_Path.php for 3033 and 1620 select the game from davi20020930 in place of 20091219
  • Add Handicap and Wins Only controls to Find_Path.php.
  • Add timestamps to filename created by Find_Path to prevent collisions when two people make concurrent requests for the same two players.
  • Create an AGA Ratings Leaderboard. Top ten lists of most tournaments, most games, last 12 months, lifetime, etc. (Philip Waldron)
  • Update an addition membership status for deceased members.
  • Redo all crosstables to show the handicap used for both players. Currently the handicap is shown for the person playing black only: 21: "27-/w0" and 27: "21+/b6"



  • Update the wall list for njo20050226 to show "Kevin Zhou" in place of "Yinan Zhou".


  • Now have smooth flow of data from tournament directors to, from Sam Zimmerman with new players AGA IDs, to Jonathan and to add tournaments to the AGAGD, and to Phil to rate newly added tournaments.
  • Added Online and Rated indicators to each tournament.


  • Added display of Online and Rated to both Find_Tournament.php and Tournament_Card.php.
  • Added code to Find_Path to limit games used to find the path based upon number of handicap stones and/or wins only.


  • Updated All_Players_Card.tpl, Find_Games.tpl, Find_Path.tpl, Find_Player.tpl, Find_Tournament.tpl, main_menu.tpl, Player_Card.tpl, Stats_Country_2.tpl, Stats_Country, and Tournament_Card.tpl to use a single navigation bar at the top and the bottom of the page: nav_bar.tpl. Now we can modify a single file to add or remove navigation elements.
  • Added Online field to games table. Default value is 0. Set to 0 to indicate a face-to-face game; set to 1 to indicate an online game.
  • Added Rated field to tournaments table. Default value is 0. Set to 0 to indicate the games in the tournament have not been entered into the rating program and rated. Set to 1 to indicate the games in the tournament have been rated.
  • Added ratings table to database. Table tracks the rating and sigma of each re-rated player each time ratings have been published from 31 July 2008 to 01 January 2010.


did not fill out the activity log during this period


September - December

did not fill out the activity log during this period

  • Find_Path.php prototyped and written. A little tweaking still required. Sent code to Aldo Podavini of the EGD for their use. Aldo would have preferred a pure PHP solution to one that uses Knuth's The Stanford GraphBase libraries and C code.


did not fill out the activity log during this period

  • 3:
    • American Go Association Go Database announced and introduced at the 25th US Go Congress

April - July

did not fill out the activity log during this period


  • 2:
    • Only 40 records from the 20081123 TDE file do not parse. Of these 24 have bad state data, with 11 being State="AP".
    • accept TDE data for players whose state is not one of the fifty states but rather a foreign country.
    • accept TDE data for players whose state not the correct name of the country (e.g. Yugoslovia in place of Yugoslavia or Scotland in place of Great Britain).
  • 1:
    • Player_Card.php: Per tournament win/loss graph now works for players that have entered more than one tournament. (code to create the png file is located in barlinealphaex1.php)
    • Player_Card.php: Player images now supported. The image must be a png file containing an image 80 pixels wide by 115 pixels tall. The images are NOT stored in the database. Rather they are stored in ./EasyPHP1-8/www/AGAGD/Gallery/.
    • The Player's Gallery link from the main page is working now. No photos yet, but the code does appear to work.


  • 27:
    • improved parsing to allow for a few additional variations in input
    • Games.txt: removed both the PRIMARY_KEY and UNIQUE_KEY constraints to allow of self-paired tournaments in which two particular players may play multiple games with the same Tournament_Code, Game_Date, Round, Pin_Player_1, Pin_Player_2 n-tuple.
    • Player_Card.php: Rank Progression graph now works for players that have entered more than one tournament. (code to create the png file is located in filledgridex1.php)


  • No Activity



  • 24:
    • Find_Games.php: working by and large. full scale testing of this page is now warranted. Removing the x from the titles
  • 22:
    • Find_Games.php: selecting players by AGA ID from both sides of the form works
    • Find_Games.php: selecting players by AGA ID from either side of the form works
    • Find_Games.php: left side player selection code working....but that's the White player only....NOT GOOD
    • Find_Games.php: date range code working. Rewritten to read much clearer. Use elseif in place of nested if else clauses.
    • Find_Games.php: tournament selection code working.
  • 14:
    • incorporate Philip Waldron's code to generate/reconstruct the tournament crosstab from the results file
    • display the reconstructed tournament crosstab on the Tournament_Card.php page
  • 7:
    • Tournament_Card.php working
    • conditionalize debugging code
    • mark menu items that do not work with x
    • mark menu items that have to change with c


  • 30: started work on Find_Games.php...much to do
  • 28: regarding and t.Country_Code = c.Country_Code, changed the default for Country_Code in tournaments table to -- and added code to ignore that entry
  • 27:
    • Tournament_Card.php: general tournament data depends upon where t.Tournament_Code = 'port20041030' and t.Country_Code = c.Country_Code .... why is and t.Country_Code = c.Country_Code needed ?
    • Tournament_Card.php: display the Players list
    • Tournament_Card.php: display the Opponents list
    • templates/Tournament_Card.tpl commented out the wall list as we don't have that data
    • removed Class filter from templates/Find_Tournament.tpl
    • modified templates/Find_Tournament.tpl allow 20 characters in tournament codes
    • Player_Card.php displays Sigma
    • Player_Card.php displays Rating
    • figured out how to compile Smarty template files
    • figured out that the site does not automatically re-compile Smarty template files based upon the (modified?) date of the template file being newer than the (creation?) date of the template file
  • 25:
    • Player_Card.php displays List of the Games
    • Player_Card.php displays List of the Opponents
    • Player_Card.php displays List of the Tournaments
    • players has country, club/chapter, rank, total games and total tournamentswins, losses, jigos, last appearance,
    • processed a second tournament...the two were combined properly in the tournaments, games and players tables
  • 24:
    • Created a Perl script, ~/work/, to parse WinTD Version 2.0 files and populate the tournaments table
    • games table added
    • tournaments table added
    • chapter table added and populated
    • players table modified to fix AGA data:
      • Rating in place of Gor
      • Sigma in place of DGor
      • removed EGF_Placement
  • 23:
    • Populated the players table from a TDE file downloaded from the AGA ratings site
    • Wrote Perl script, ~/work/, to populate players table. Script performs very modest error checking. Input that does not meet these error checks is rejected and written to the screen. The input checks are:
      • Last name required
      • First name required
      • State, if present, must appear in the state table
      • Club, is present, must appear in the chapter table (20081124)
    • Created state table using mysql -u usgo_agagd -h localhost -p < ~/work/States.txt
    • Replaced players table with one particular to the AGA using mysql -u usgo_agagd -h localhost -p < ~/work/Players.txt
    • Replaced country table with one particular to the AGA using mysql -u usgo_agagd -h localhost -p < ~/work/Country.txt
  • 22: completed survey of Outstanding_Issues one the Main Menu page
  • 21:
    • surprising large segment of the site works
    • imported a sample of the EGD data
    • logged into the server to host the AGAGD via ssh, verified Apache, MySQL, and PHP via the command line and via HTTP
  • 18: is running MySQL 5.0.22, Apache 2.2.2, and PHP 5.1.6
  • 16: Created initial pages at this site. In particular: EGD Database Schema and Sample Data
  • 12: EGD runs off a 2GB SD drive installed into a Windows laptop
  • 10: Received a RAR file of the EGD


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