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Web pages to be edited each year


Root of the dir

  • index.php - General info about the congress. Bold updates for the news
  • events.php - needs updates for the events and tournament directors
  • faq.php - update the many old years and much of the information outlined in Congress site checklist
  • links.php - update links for local clubs and local sponsors, if there
  • pros.php - add info about pros
  • staff.php - pics for staff
  • news.php - update us open results, NAMT results and other tournaments
  • user_config.php - update day off trips
  • cofig_register.php - changes prices for late fees


Add games that are commented or send to the EJ for the congress site


Add generic site images

logo-badge.png: add the new logo to this and make small size to fit and look good for the logo. White background should be transparent and height should be 225-300px.


Add images from players


  • footer.php - change information about logo artist
  • header_large.php - update logo width and height
  • header_overall.php - Contains header links for whole site


add things like pdf files


In any PHP file that includes a standard header (that'd be all of 'em I think...) you can use the new variables that I have defined in config_overall.php:

$GCYear = '2010';
$GCYearShort = '10';
$GCNum = '26th';
$GCCity = 'Colorado Springs';
$GCState = 'Colorado';
$GCStateShort = 'CO';

So, if you're in the middle of a block of HTML and want to insert the year, write <?=$GCYear?> instead of, say, 2010. If you're in a PHP double-quoted echo statement, just use $GCYear.

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