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PHP Scripts

Main Panel

  • Banner must be edited
  • Forum link from top set of links is horribly slow
  • Large EGD image to be replaced
  • Organization logos on right to be replaced
  • "Suggested Links" to be replaced
  • Footer must be edited

Find Player

  • The Country drop down list appears to be populated from the Players table. We are going to need a State drop down list
  • Players filter is based upon EGF placement....replace it with having played in a tournament in the last year.
  • Change Pin Player to AGA ID

Player Card

  • commented out code to query the database for the biography
  • commented out code to calculate Last 6 month eff%, and Last 5 tournaments eff%
  • graphics not working
  • no flag in upper right
  • no picture in upper left

Find Games

  • Not possible to search for all games by a single player against players from the same country and or the same club by entering the Player's ID only. Example: search for games played by Guido Merk (12633049) against people from Germany by entering Guido Merk's PIN in the left column and Germany in the right column. The output includes a game by Guido Merk against Thomas Gaebler of Finland. If you enter Germany, and ID in the left with Germany on the right, then only Guido Merk's games against other German's are displayed.
  • Possible to enter a start date for the search that is newer than the end date for the search without getting an error message.

Perl Scripts


  • collect SQL statements, complete all validation, then commit the collected SQL statements per FIFO



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