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First Phase Requirements

These are the requirements which must be met before we can call the new system the official one. Details for these can be found in subsequent sections.

  • Answer all Open Questions
  • Ensure that the implementation of all membership types, descriptions, benefits, and fees is correct
  • Have a working join/renewal/edit-info interface for members/chapters.
    • This includes PayPal as the first-phase method of payment. Generic CC payments should be added after that.
  • Implement a flag to track who has a printed card
  • Ability to edit expire date arbitrarily
  • Share data with the ratings DB.
    • Jon and I are working this out
  • TD list export
  • Emails are not unique per member record. Provide a way for the user to choose which member record they want to reset the password for.
  • Review final version with Sam
  • Replace/update anything on the website that depends on the old DB or exports from it. Items I'm aware of:

Open Questions

  • Are complimentary members lifetime or not?
  • What member info is ok to share with chapter reps? Email, address? What about with other chapter members?

Answered Questions

  • The new DB will allow members to log in, renew membership, update their info, etc. Members with an email address can request (or be assigned) a password -- that's no problem. What about users with an out-of-date email or no email at all? Should we require they contact us, or let them log in with something like AGA ID + last name / zip code?
    • Andrew sez: members w/o email should contact (or registrar? whatever the right address is)
  • What is the most effective way to pull in membership data (new members, renewals, etc.) from tournaments? Is there a standard digital format for this yet? Are TDs required to use it?
    • Sam has provided me with sample tournament-report data. We (Justin, Jon, Sam) will work out the best way to share this with the ratings DB.
  • Is the At-Large voting region relevant for the DB? How to track it?
    • Sam has explained that At-Large stuff isn't relevant to the DB. The Glossary could include a short description of regions & reps, perhaps.
  • How is continuous membership currently determined?
    • Sam figures it out through various, mysterious means. The new DB stores a history of changes so will be able to calculate this once there is actually sufficient history stored (the new system will need to be live for a year before that will happen).
  • How will members be allowed to pay online? PayPal, credit card? Steve provided some basic PayPal info. For CC, I'll need merchant account details.
    • We'll start with PayPal and roll out any others as needed/possible
  • Youth membership discounts appear to use 23 as the cut-off date, but the TDList uses 18. Is that intentional?
    • Sam says it's not intentional
  • How should promotional and hardship sign-ups be handled online? (See and Can someone signing up just say they're a member of a chapter and get the discount, or should there be some sort of verification? Can promo members renew for a second year at the discounted rate?
    • I've gone ahead and created an email-voucher feature: chapter reps can send anyone an email with a special link that lets them receive the promo discount.
  • Should promotional members be set as Full, with a flag to denote that they received a promotional discount?
    • Made an executive decision and said yes.
  • Should complimentary members be included in the TDList? The current TDList excludes them but according to my notes, they have full benefits.
    • Sam says yes.
  • Are institutional sponsors tracked in Sam's DB? Should they be tracked in the new one?
    • Sort of. There's a type for them now in the new DB.
  • What do the PP, P, and WP values mean in the Credit Card field of Sam's DB? What do the codes in Sam's "Source Referral" field mean?
    • Not using these in the new DB
  • Is Sam's contact_html field more up to date than the chapter contact/email/phone fields? Can they be merged somehow?
    • There's no clear way to merge them automatically. I've made the field non-html and will see about consolidating in the future.
  • Should complimentary types be set as lifetime, with a flag to denote that it was complimentary? Can the foreign type be merged with one-time or promotional types?
    • Sam says this is up to me to decide, so I'll go with what I think works best.
  • What do the codes in Sam's Returned field mean?
    • Sam says the data's not reliable and will clean it out. We'll resync with printed records somehow.

To Do / In Progress / Complete

Interface for Admins


  • import latest from Sam (members + chapters/clubs)
    • "AGA Membership tables.mdb", table Members (exported as CSV to Members.txt)
    • "chapter data.mdb", tables Chapter & Clubs
  • save "special" field as legacy_id (lifetime members' previous ID)
  • add country field
  • change citizen_of to checkbox for US citizenship; make old field legacy

Member Type Descriptions & Fees (store these somewhere? editable?)

  • Fees: Update per Sam's instructions - Full: $30 for first year, $20 thereafter
  • Youth - not a real type. Used only for TD List export, some emails. Generated from DOB (< 24 years old).
    • Youth time $10/yr unless filling up, then $8/yr with $100 cap
  • Full (rename from Regular)
    • receives members' e-journal weekly
    • yearbook annually (if member during December)
  • Type E - E-Journal Members, $20/yr, e-journal only, no other benefits
  • Promotional - 1/2 price, $15/yr up to 2 years; can renew later; full benefits
    • Full w/ flag or own type that gets auto-changed after use?
    • Ability to specify arbitrary promotions?
  • Sponsor - $120/yr (4x), full benefits, name in yearbook
  • Sustainer - $60/yr (2x), full benefits, name in yearbook
  • Foreign - rating only, no benefits, no fees
  • Complimentary - lifetime, full benefits - usually org or pros
  • Provisional - rating only, no benefits, no fees (should have paid to play in tourney)
  • Non-member, same as provisional but paid proper $10 fee
    • Rename to "one-time"
  • Lifetime - $1000, full benefits
    • can change their ID to <100 (must request via email) - interface to allow it
  • Library - $30/yr, full benefits
  • Type I - add as sponsor, $ donated already noted in Fee field
  • On-hold => Pending
    • status for people paying via check, or bounced payment
    • can log in to pay, no other benefits
  • Chapter $35/yr
    • no e-journals or yearbooks
    • contact person not required
    • must have email
  • Flag for whether received printed, plastic card ("returned" field in Sam's DB)
    • Member given temporary paper card in the meantime
    • UI for exporting + setting flag for new members all at once
      • There's a query for it; bulk edit can be used to update until a better UI is in place

Chapters & Clubs

  • merge old status (Stat) field with members status field
  • remove size field, maybe add a note to one of the freeform textareas
  • chapter = paid, can run tourneys; club = not paid, not in MDB
  • chapter-specific fields in separate table; rest only in MDB (link by member ID)
  • coordinate with Alf Mikula from about mutual data exchange
  • contact person AGA ID (contact person address separate from club address?)
    • past ones stored in address1? [what does this mean?]
    • there's a field for Rep ID now; still needs to be filled in for everyone, probably by hand
  • integrate voting rights algorithm (see email from Steve)
  • remove manual input of chapter code, link members to chapters via IDs
  • view members per chapter
  • track chapter members that belong to AGA and not
  • login allowed for contact person
  • clean up "html" fields


  • payment history
  • record payments and expire date extensions via special forms (no direct expire date editing)
  • track extension length
  • button to extend X number of months
  • perform CC payment on behalf of member
  • Special (admin-only) edit button for expire date

Automatic Renewal Reminders

  • 90, 60, 30 days, immediately before, after expires


  • list emails per query, for copy & paste
  • coordination with whoever manages the email list
    • MailChip API?


  • for postal mailings like yearbook -- "journal labels members.bas"
  • CSV?
  • checkboxes per field


  • honor roll (lifetime, sponsor, sustainer)

Voting Regions

  • Eastern (states that touch Atlantic + NH, WV)
  • Western (HI, AK, WA, OR, CA)
  • Central (all the rest)
  • At-Large


  • printable (PDF?)
  • for envelopes; per record
  • voting chapters
    • list of chapters w/ current members & link to expired members
    • can be made public
    • grouped by region
  • members per state/region
  • tournament eligibility
    • continuous membership
    • X games in the last year
    • strong players (or sorted by strength)
  • Payments/revenue
    • per year, month, etc
    • source (web, in-person, etc)
  • Concise, copy-pastable view of individual members


  • read-only to users
  • inserted directly into underlying DB by external ratings software
  • may or may not be the official location for ratings data (up to Phil and the ratings folks)


  • link to rating history
  • result reporting
    • import result file (web interface?)
    • match names (family name + beginning of given) and IDs
    • for unmatched, allow loose searching, seeing within list context
    • checkbox for new (unmatched) provisional members
      • assoc this member with the tourney source (used to be address1?)

TD List

  • provide realtime data in various formats

List view

  • built-in field display toggle in browse view ("show/hide columns")
  • don't search ratings fields in general search
  • extend width
  • click anywhere on row
  • remove delete from list


  • read-only users
  • per model/field?


  • UI: continuous scrolling table
  • fix minor IE styling issues
  • changelog: revert/undo & undelete
  • editable tags
    • check to ensure not removing used tags
  • editable type, w/ descriptions & fees
  • editable regions
  • cron hookup for scheduled actions
  • USPS API stuff
  • search builder UI
    • zip code should search by prefix
  • edit form: hilite expired date in red
  • better rating format in browse view (don't round, just truncate)
  • save queries

Interface for Members

  • Username (email) & password for members area (password already exists for some members)
  • allow members to update own details
  • extend membership
  • member directory?
  • look up existing member records to avoid duplicates
  • force approval for all new member records


  • pwaldron: It would be nice to have integrated delivery of files or links to files attached to each member's login.

[Feel free to add anything]

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