General procedures for online tournament games

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Three common problems:

  • Late arrivals
    • It depends on three things: 1. how strict the schedule is, and 2. How flexible both players are, and 3. Act of God. If the schedule is not flexible and other player is inflexible in terms of scheduling (s/he may have real life to attend to), then there will need to be penalty for the late arrivals, and I recommend 1:1 ratio. Once half of the main time is gone (or 30 minutes, whichever is less), the late-arrivers will be disqualified.
  • Misclicks
    • In general, misclicks cannot be taken back, and it is expected that players do not ask for undo. If in an unusual case on KGS, if a player asks for undo, and other players grants such undo, neither players can object after the game about such undo (asked and granted), and ultimately, the decisions will be up to TD. I (Dan) find it better than the situation is to be left alone, and if undo is granted, then sorry, man, you chose to do so.
  • Disconnections
    • For this situation, need to consider two things: 1. Will it affect tournament schedule? 2. Was it an Act of God? Historical statement: there was a situation where one player was in an area that was impacted by a massive internet outage, and this was during the finals of the tournament. It is NOT an easy situation for anyone involved. But at different stages of tournament, there might be no choice if there is an absolute need to keep the schedule way it is.

  • Inform administrators of tournaments before they happen
    • You can email, Akane can be reached at or you can talk to any of the admins online and they will help to inform the other admins
    • I have heard that a two week notice is nice for a lead time, but if you can only give a couple days notice, they will work to inform the other admins.
    • This helps keep admins up to date on happenings of the server and lets them inform the viewers of what is going on.
    • This will also help promote tournaments for us.
  • The Tournament Coordinator has the ability to change the info in the AGA Tournaments room on KGS.
    • The KGS Account is AGATD (Ask Phil Waldron, Dennis Wheeler, Daniel Short, or Oren Laskin for usage of such account.)
    • Tournament Organizer/Coordinator should always be online during tournaments to help viewers
    • Tournament Organizer/Coordinator should know all about the given tournament and rules/qualifications behind it. Many will ask about the webpages for those tournaments.
    • Tournament Organizer/Coordinator is advised to show up half hour before games are to begin. It's even better to show up an hour early.

  • Announce to the E-Journal as early as possible
  • Announce to online forums, i.e. godiscussions
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