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This page should record information for game recorders (the links below are broken and redirecting to the congress site)

[Game Recording Doc] - How to setup KGS

[EJ Room] - EJ Room signs

[SGF Printer] - SGF printer, prints sgf files to paper copy

notes from recent email exchange -- needs formating

How to do Game Recording

The main thing is... you see a move played, you click the same place on your screen. :) Easy, right? :)

The only difficult thing is dealing with any mistakes under pressure, without missing any more moves. Do you know how to correct a misclick? How quickly can you find a move that you missed (can you skip it and come back to it later)? How about correcting mistakes that happened many moves earlier? Know how to deal with network lag/disconnect. Know how to quickly switch to offline recording mode, and do not forget to save the game record (locally, if you have to).

We want as clean a record as possible. But do NOT ask the players if you miss a move. Even after the game, they may be too exhausted to help.

Worst case scenario, if you get too far behind, just put the stones on the board in any order to match the current status of the game, then keep recording. Be sure to make a note in the game chat, both before and after, so we know where the mistakes are and can correct them later.

The important parts are an accurate game record, and good record keeping skills -- record the name of the game/event, the players names and rank (there's no such thing as an amateur 8 or 9 dan, except on online servers - 7d is max). Take credit for the transcription. We need consistency in our records.

You are a un-biased "sports reporter". Let the TD handle any issues. Don't touch the clock, board or stones. Don't comment on the moves, or get carried away with the kibitzers. Just pay attention and record the game.

Traditionally, game records are from the black player's perspective, but don't over burden yourself trying to record the game under pressure at some odd angle or view. You need to be able to quickly see and correct any mistakes.

We try to setup the tables where the black player sits to the recorder's right -- but sometimes the players switch sides. (and some tournaments the TD wants us to record from the end of the table, instead of the side)

Know how to chat with our local support staff (we have a private chat room), and don't be afraid to ask for assistance or relief break.

Game Recorder Table Setup

  • Sit closest to the wall
  • Players sit to the recorders RIGHT
  • Make sure table is cleared of all trash before the round starts
    • This will normally be taken care of/helped with before every round as a team effort
  • Make sure all cords are taped down with black gaffers tape
  • Find three(3) water bottles for your table
    • One for Black
    • One for White
    • One for you

KGS Tips

  • Join the AGA E-Journal Room
    • Rooms menu --> Room List --> Social --> AGA E-Journal Team Room
    • To join, ask Akane(sweety), Steve(vash3g) or AGATD
  • Find one of the helpers when setting up - Chris G, Steve, Todd, John P
  • Do:
    • Ask for help in the AGA E-Journal Room, we have quick response times for when people need bathroom/water/break
  • Do NOT:
    • Comment on moved the players make, they are probably stronger than you
    • Tell USGO account passwords to anyone or near the live cam
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