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The TDListA is commonly used by a variety of pairing programs to obtain information about members of the AGA. A TDListA file has the following characteristics:

  • each line describes a single player.
  • there are nine fields per line.
  • fields are tab delimited.
  • the tab delimiter must appear regardless of whether or not there is data for a particular filed.
  • lines in the file are alphabetically ordered on the first field (player name).
  • the fields in order from left to right are:
    • player name. last name first, followed by a comma, followed by the first name
    • AGA ID
    • membership type
    • rating
    • membership expiration date (m/d/yyyy)
    • chapter indicated by AGA standard four letter code
    • state (for US players) or country (for non-US players)
    • sigma
    • date of last rating (m/d/yyyy)

A sample of a TDListA file follows:

Abentroth, Nicholas	17452	Limit	-6.90000	4/22/2010	FARG	ND	0.54000	9/1/2009
Abraham, Michael	12767	Full		6/19/2005	ATLA	SC		
Abrahamsson, Rolf	7554	Forgn	-4.81000	2/28/1995			1.08000	6/1/1995
Abrahms, Judy	1253	Limit		12/28/1980	MGA	MA		
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