AGA-KGS Website integration for TDs

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(01:17:26 AM) Steve: so apparently kgs has a td system with pairings

(01:17:39 AM) jash: yes

(01:17:53 AM) Steve: im gonna check it out at congress and akane and i are gonna discuss if its possible to hook part of it into the aga site for replication of data

(01:18:09 AM) jash: that'd be pretty badass

(01:18:12 AM) Steve: so tds can set things up on kgs and they would automagically display correctly on both sides

(01:18:24 AM) Steve: wms said we go through her

(01:18:40 AM) Steve: theres also gonna be a new level of admin, a td level

(01:19:00 AM) Steve: where only admins could use the td system before, with enough notice other people could use it for tournaments like an admin

(01:19:08 AM) Steve: maybe beta by congress

(01:19:15 AM) jash: ya, that'd be awesome

(01:20:00 AM) jash: i'd be interested in being in on that conversation, as technical advisor or something if nothing else, assuming i actually ever get this website stuff done

(01:20:25 AM) jash: (or at least the bits about integrating w/ the website)

(01:21:13 AM) Steve: ill bring my webcam to congress

(01:21:18 AM) jash: nice

(01:21:39 AM) Steve: id wanna include justin as well

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